What are Artificial Diamonds

Shopping for diamond jewelry, you should know that you can meet jewelry accented with real diamonds as well as with artificial diamonds. The second are chemically identical to mined diamonds but created by engineers in a lab. Heated controversy about disadvantages, advantages and strategies associated with new feasible and large diamonds grown artificially were set off with their introduction. Artificial diamonds are not imposters such a glass, cubic zirconia or quartz. At the level of crystals there is no appreciable difference between the gems emerge from a vacuum chamber and those emerge from the ground in terms of clarity, color or cut.
Diamonds are the hardest stones and substances on earth and they can cut through metals easily. And engineers have long been creating tiny shards of diamonds for industrial use and only in 2004 companies announced that they reached success at producing cultivated diamonds which are large enough to be used on bracelets, rings, necklaces and other jewelry. Nowadays there are two reliable methods of making artificial diamonds for jewelry. One method uses a "seed" of a smaller diamond and puts additional molten graphite under enormous temperature and pressure until it's added to the crystalline structure making the seed larger. The second method creates a chamber where tiny pieces of diamond condense and precipitate together in layer to form a solid deposit. This method is called chemical vapor deposition. And produced specimens can be colored and have no imperfections.
It is difficult to distinguish manufactured counterparts from mined diamonds even for certified geologists. Some people think that the strict line between the origins of the gems isn't important. And others maintain that consumers want the real diamond because it's valuable, traditional and special.
The next generation of super-fast computers using artificial diamonds has been developed by engineers and it is possible that artificial diamonds may replace silicon in microchips as well as mined diamonds in jewelry. Though there is a little chance of total replacement of diamonds by their artificial variant.
Diamond jewelry has been in fashion for thousands of years and it will be!