Tennis Bracelet- Your Best Jewelry Choice

Searching for stylish and elegant jewelry gift for your loved one, relative or friend? Tennis bracelet is a good choice!

Tennis bracelets got their unusual name from the accident during a match in 1987. Professional player Chris Evert had been wearing an expensive bracelet with a string of individually-set diamonds. And suddenly the clasp snapped and Chris asked to stop the match to search for the jewelry. And since that day the term tennis bracelet is applied to the bracelet with inline array of diamonds. The sparkle and luster make tennis bracelets so popular for formal occasions. Individual diamonds placed in square settings and strung into the bracelet are held by a clasp. Tennis bracelet can be comfortably moved while worn due to such individual settings. Silver, white gold and other metals are used for the settings and support wiring.
The safety latch is one more important element of tennis bracelets. A springy metal latch which is meshed securely with a hook is significant for the clasp of a typical tennis bracelet. With time the clasp becomes less reliable and the safety latch was included by designers as a secondary security measure. Such safety latches are available in various styles and the most common are figure eights and chains. If the main clasps fails the chain safety latch connecting one small stud with another on the other side of the main clasp should hold the bracelet intact and it can be repaired. A small double loop of metal is called the figure eight safety latch. With it you'll avoid your tennis bracelet from falling off if the main clasp separates.
There are also other types of jewelry sharing the form of tennis bracelets and they are referred to as tennis-style. They retain the inline look of tennis bracelets though they are made from groups of different sized gemstones.
Shopping for tennis bracelet, remember that it should be custom fitted for maximum comfort and security and one finger passing easily between the wrist and bracelet makes an ideal fit.