Loose Diamonds- Fire and Passion

The rarity and beauty of diamonds have made them so loved by women. Diamond jewelry fires the imagination and any jewelry collection should have at least one piece of diamond jewelry. There is a variety of diamond jewelry available in different cuts, colors, sizes and designs. We'll discuss another fashion trend concerning diamonds which popularity is increasing day by day. Loose diamonds- they haven't been set into jewelry yet, so you can set it wherever you want. You choose the diamond, the metal, type, design and style of the jewelry. It means you are creating an individual piece of diamond jewelry with your creativity.

You should consider the 4 Cs while buying diamonds: color, cut, carat and clarity. The mentioned aspects allow you to determine the quality of diamond and its price.
Color determines how much yellow tinge is in the diamond. Diamonds that are colorless to those with a faint yellow tinge are covered with the scale from "D" to "Z" while diamonds in the "H-J" range may be nearly colorless but warmer and cheaper than the previous group.
Cut is the diamond's shape which concerns whether it is emerald-cut, round, square or pear-shaped. The facets of the diamonds can be differently cut and therefore differently refract the light. The sparkle of diamond greatly depends on its cut.
Carat refers to weight of the diamond. A larger diamond is heavier. So, diamond with more carats is more expensive.
Clarity refers to "inclusions" (flaws) in the diamond. Such grades range from "slightly included" to extremely rare flawless. S1 or S2 diamonds have not visible to the naked eye but appearing under strong magnification inclusions. The diamonds rated VS1 or VS2 are better choice.
Loose diamonds became popular in Western Europe in the 13th century when Venice, Italy, was a major trade city. Royalty widely desired diamond stones set in custom pieces. By the 17th century diamonds had become the symbols of ultimate wealth and standard of perfection. Ladies wanted to choose their own settings and it led to the popularity of loose diamonds.
Brilliance and fire of diamonds are so attractive and desirable: And it is you who will make the choice.