History of Diamonds

The history of diamonds is one of beauty and mystical power. The first recorded mentioning of diamonds dates back to 3000 years. It was in India where diamonds were valued for the ability to reflect the light. In those early ages diamonds were used as talisman to provide protection in battle or to ward off evil and for decorative purposes.
In the Dark Ages diamond was used as medical aid and during the Middle Ages this precious stone was valued for its price and not for the mystical powers. The mineworkers even tried to swallow the diamonds to make their own great money and mine owners perpetuated the myth that diamond was poisonous to prevent that. Such famous stones as the Blue Hope and the Koh-I-Noor were discovered in India and the foremost diamond polishing industry in the world is in India nowadays. Smaller finds occurred in Brazil and Borneo. The world's biggest diamond rush was parked by the discovery of diamonds in South Africa, near the Orange River in the mid-nineteenth. And the world's appetite for diamonds increased. Nowadays the world's largest volume diamond producer is Argyle. It is responsible for over third of the world's diamonds since it was discovered in 1979.
Diamonds are the most popular choice for jewelry including wedding and engagement rings. Diamonds are available in various colors and women as well as men all over the world go crazy about diamond jewelry and accessories. And it's not surprising that in piercing jewelry there is elegant jewelry accented with magnificent diamonds. As a rule, it is nose studs and pins and belly button rings. These are two most lovely and elegant types of piercing and diamond piercing jewelry looks great in them.