Diamond Jewelry and Types of Diamonds

Diamonds are the most beautiful gems in the world and it's not surprising that almost any woman wants to have at least one piece of diamond jewelry in her collection. Diamond jewelry is available in variety of designs, materials and styles. White gold and yellow old diamond jewelry is the most elegant and eye-catching while yellow gold jewelry looks really expensive and chic. There are various types of diamonds as well and we'll discuss these types here.

diamond ring
  • Pink diamonds. The most rare and valuable diamonds are pink. After the discovery of Argyle mine in 1979 white diamond, that was thought to be the most beautiful, was no more the first for fascination. Pink diamonds show real intense shades of color. The best pink diamonds are found in Argyle and pale and light in color diamonds come from Africa, Brazil and India. Argyle pink diamonds are available in shades from full-blooded purple-reds to pastel rose.
  • White diamonds. These diamonds are produced in a variety of sizes and shapes all over the world and they are still considered one of the most beautiful and hard gems on earth loved by women and men.
  • White diamonds with secondary pink color. They display slight to bold flashes of pink viewed from the top and are found in the Argyle mine.
  • Champagne diamonds. They produce wide range of colors from rich cognac to light straw.
  • Pink Champagne diamonds. They display flashed of pink in the fire and are available in dark pink champagne, medium and light pink champagne.
  • Yellow diamonds. They are available in limited quantity recovered from the Argyle mine and come in the shades from rich canary color to light yellow.
  • Blue diamonds. The same situation as with yellow diamonds and the various shades of blue.

There are various reasons for people to choose this or that one type of diamonds but there is one thing that will remain the same. Diamond jewelry has been popular for many years and it will remain on the top of jewelry world.