How to Take Care of Diamond Jewelry

Diamond is the most brilliant, imperishable and the hardest precious stone on earth. And these magnificent stones have been a source of people's fascination for hundred of years.
But the beauty of diamond is not everlasting if we won't take care to keep the stone looking its brilliant best. There is a wide choice of diamond jewelry for men and women nowadays. Even piercing jewelry is available in designs with diamonds. And if you have diamond ring, earrings, bracelet, necklace, diamond nose stud or screw in your jewelry collection, here are some ways to keep diamond jewelry clean.
You may make a detergent bath. Take a small bowl and fill it with warm suds suing mild liquid detergent. Put jewelry pieces in the suds and then brush them with a tooth brush and do it very gently. Then rinse the jewelry under warm running water and dry it with line-free and soft cloth.
You may also use special jewelry care products. And using such liquid product you just have to follow the instructions on the kit.
Nowadays there is special jewelry cleaning device that it electronically operated.
Here are some more recommendations on wearing and caring for diamond jewelry. To avoid chipping of the diamond, don't wear it when washing the dishes or doing other rough work. Doing housework avoid contact of diamond jewelry with chlorine bleach. If you have several diamond pieces of jewelry keep them away from one another in jewelry case to avoid scratches. Clean them at least once a month because soap, skin oil, cooking grease and cosmetics may cause the "dullness" of diamond.