The Princess Cut Diamond

Diamonds are available nowadays in different cuts and the Princess Cut Diamond is a rather new way of cut developed in 1964 by M. Weistreich, a Belgian cutter who also developed the King diamond cut. Princess cut provides a square diamond cut with facets equal to the round diamond cut.

Earlier to the development of princess cut diamond, emerald cuts were widespread in which square cuts had multiple facets. But they didn't have an advantage to sparkle with additional light. There was on square cut called the profile cut which was also prior to Princess Cut diamond- it included extra faceting on the bottom of the diamond opening up the stone to more light penetration. So, some suggest that the Princess Cut Diamond is a variety of the profile cut. Though the Princess Cut is much more light producing and reflective than the profile cut was.

The choice of the diamond and its cut depends on each person's style and desire. There are various jewelry settings and some of them tend to be more beautiful with a square diamond. For example, eternity ring looks great with a Princess Cut diamond. Jewelry with the Princess Cut diamond has affordable price and looks really great.

Before buying the Princess Cut diamond jewelry remember that there is one disadvantage of it- the faceted corners on the top of the diamond may be weaker if they are thin and there fore more vulnerable to injury. Of course, the jewelers mount it to protect the four corners and reduce damage to the points.

Diamonds are girls' best friends and if you are searching for unforgettable gift, diamond jewelry will do!