Huggie Earrings- Your Perfect Choice!

There are various types of earrings available nowadays, so that any woman can find her favorite styles and designs. And it's important to feel not only beautiful but comfortable wearing earrings. And among all diversity of earrings there is one type considered the most comfortable- it is huggie earrings.
Huggie earrings are made up of small hoops fitting closely the earlobes but which are thicker than standard hoops. This thickness makes the huggie earrings look though they are "hugging" the earlobe during the wearing. Hugger earrings is the term used to describe the earrings shaped like an abstract human body and fit around the upper exterior ear fold making it looks like a figure climbing up the ear. Huggie earrings fitting the ear lobe have design with a hinge allowing them to be opened and closed in order to put them on and take them out. The hinge faces the shoulder of the wearer being at the bottom. And it makes the hinge almost invisible when the earrings are worn.

Huggie earrings
There are many benefits of huggie earrings and one of them is the fact that they are rather visible because of their thickness though rather small. And it makes huggie earrings the perfect choice for parents or people who work with small children, for those who are concerned about events which may lead to earlobe damage.
There are various designs of huggie earring and you can choose simple huggie earrings as well a expensive huggies made out of precious metals such as yellow and white gold or platinum and accented with precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Titanium huggie earrings with embellishments made out of glass, semi-precious stones and other materials are also available.
So, huggie earrings are perfect for casual wear and everyday use but their expansive designs also match special events.