Huggie Earrings- Your Perfect Choice!

There are various types of earrings available nowadays, so that any woman can find her favorite styles and designs. And it's important to feel not only beautiful but comfortable wearing earrings. And among all diversity of earrings there is one type considered the most comfortable- it is huggie earrings. Huggie earrings are made up of small hoops fitting closely the earlobes but which are thicker than standard hoops. This thickness makes the huggie earrings look though they are "hugging" the earlobe during the wearing.
Huggie earrings

The Princess Cut Diamond

Diamonds are available nowadays in different cuts and the Princess Cut Diamond is a rather new way of cut developed in 1964 by M. Weistreich, a Belgian cutter who also developed the King diamond cut. Princess cut provides a square diamond cut with facets equal to the round diamond cut. Earlier to the development of princess cut diamond, emerald cuts were widespread in which square cuts had multiple facets. But they didn't have an advantage to sparkle with additional light. with facets equal to the round diamond cut.

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