Chocolate Diamond Jewelry- Perfect Gift

There are many types of colored diamonds including yellow, blue, pink, purple, red, black, orange and chocolate diamonds. They are also called fancy diamonds. Nowadays fancy diamonds are rather popular and chocolate diamond jewelry is worn by persons who look for alternative to white diamonds. The natural occurring brown color is created by the pressure of earth on the diamonds lying deep in the earth. The chocolate color is fairly dark though its shades can vary. Most chocolate diamonds are mined in Australia.
chocolate rings

Diamond Jewelry and Types of Diamonds

Diamonds are the most beautiful gems in the world and it's not surprising that almost any woman wants to have at least one piece of diamond jewelry in her collection. Diamond jewelry is available in variety of designs, materials and styles. White gold and yellow old diamond jewelry is the most elegant and eye-catching while yellow gold jewelry looks really expensive and chic. There are various types of diamonds as well and we'll discuss these types here.

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Loose Diamonds- Fire and Passion

The rarity and beauty of diamonds have made them so loved by women. Diamond jewelry fires the imagination and any jewelry collection should have at least one piece of diamond jewelry. There is a variety of diamond jewelry available in different cuts, colors, sizes and designs. We'll discuss another fashion trend concerning diamonds which popularity is increasing day by day. Loose diamonds- they haven't been set into jewelry yet, so you can set it wherever you want. You choose the diamond, the metal, type, design and style of the jewelry. It means you are creating an individual piece of diamond jewelry with your creativity.

Tennis Bracelet- Your Best Jewelry Choice

Tennis bracelets got their unusual name from the accident during a match in 1987. Professional player Chris Evert had been wearing an expensive bracelet with a string of individually-set diamonds. And suddenly the clasp snapped and Chris asked to stop the match to search for the jewelry. And since that day the term tennis bracelet is applied to the bracelet with inline array of diamonds. The sparkle and luster make tennis bracelets so popular for formal occasions.

Diamond Nose Jewelry

If you want to buy diamond nose stud, here you'll find some information about this stylish piece of piercing jewelry.
The trend of nose piercing originally started in India where it was a tradition for women to make childbirth easier. It has become a popular fashion trend in America later and nowadays it's widespread fashion statement.

Shopping for Jewelry on Internet

When you need to buy jewelry for yourself or as a gift, you don't necessarily have to go out and shop through local jewelry stores and waste your time and money on moving from one place to another. Nowadays you can shop for jewelry online comfortably sitting at home or in your workplace where you can search not only for the jewelry pieces but quickly find information on anything you need. The Internet is the venue for the jewelry shopping and such opportunity has positive sides as well as drawbacks. Online jewelry stores offer much more jewelry and the offered prices are also usually lower. But before you make the ultimate jewelry bargain, consider some things to avoid mistakes.

What are Artificial Diamonds

Shopping for diamond jewelry, you should know that you can meet jewelry accented with real diamonds as well as with artificial diamonds. The second are chemically identical to mined diamonds but created by engineers in a lab.

Huggie Earrings- Your Perfect Choice!

There are various types of earrings available nowadays, so that any woman can find her favorite styles and designs. And it's important to feel not only beautiful but comfortable wearing earrings. And among all diversity of earrings there is one type considered the most comfortable- it is huggie earrings. Huggie earrings are made up of small hoops fitting closely the earlobes but which are thicker than standard hoops. This thickness makes the huggie earrings look though they are "hugging" the earlobe during the wearing.
Huggie earrings

What is a Carat

The type of measurement used to describe the mass of a gem called carat was applied to diamonds only but now it also applies to most semi-precious and precious stones. We see some confusion in the word carat because gold as well as diamonds is evaluated in carats (karats). Karat doesn't apply to mass and refers to gold which is classed by purity. 10 Karat gold, for example, has the greatest purity than 24 Karat gold.

History of Diamonds

The history of diamonds is one of beauty and mystical power. The first recorded mentioning of diamonds dates back to 3000 years. It was in India where diamonds were valued for the ability to reflect the light. In those early ages diamonds were used as talisman to provide protection in battle or to ward off evil and for decorative purposes. Diamonds are the most popular choice for jewelry including wedding and engagement rings. Diamonds are available in various colors and women as well as men all over the world go crazy about diamond jewelry and accessories.